Gold and silver security

SmartGold Club protects your Gold and Silver
SmartGold Club also protects the buyers privacy to the full extend of that meaning plus more

Security at every step

6 digit PIN - banks use 4 digit PINs and everybody is fine with that
Biometric token – fingerprint protection built into every card
Personal data - stored in the card with Military/banking grade encryption
Dedicated server - information transmitted and stored is encrypted
Professional storage - we use dedicated secure precious metals storage
Bank storage - Royal Bank of Canada, 150+ years in business


Card could be inconspicuously printed as a low value card. Could be stored in the plain sight.

It is up to the buyer whether to personalize the card or not. Only a PIN is mandatory, other fields of data are optional. Remember, nobody can see content of the card unless rightful owner unlocks it using PIN or fingerprint.

If Gold and Silver buyers decide to hold completely anonymous account card is perfect for that. PIN and fingerprint promote security and safe operations. Personalized card with name, address, fingerprint, and other details is also very secure to use. Privacy is completely protected.

For any transactions one of the card's several digital identities is used. No personal data is ever exposed.

SWP (Strategic Wealth Preservation), our main secure storage, is located on Grand Cayman. There is no reporting to any tax or other Government authority, own or foreign.

This biometric feature is used for many years all over the world, it is not intrusive and is widely accepted concept that every person has different fingerprint. It can't be copied or faked unlike PIN or similar type of validation. 
It is important to point out that file stored in the chip card is NOT a picture of your fingerprint, it can NOT be extracted back from the card and can NOT be reverse engineered to create a fingerprint image. It is actually a special mathematical algorithm produced by fingerprint image and software in the fingerprint reader. During process of validation that algorithm is compared with actual finger presented on the reader and it takes all but under one second to prove a positive or negative match.

SmartGold Club advantage

Again, using a SmartGold Club card it is possible to buy and hold physical gold and silver. It is possible to sell or transact value as small as 0.01 gr. out of total balance. That is a big advantage for every SmartGold Club Member.

SmartGold Club software allows member to perform easy buy-sell-trade transactions using secure procedures. SmartGold Club Card software is non PC demanding and could be run from any kind of laptop or desktop using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. 2 free USB ports are required for readers.


Reader shown on this image comes with member's kit.
Software supplied with smart card reader enables member to log into own card, check things out, buy, sell, receive and send gold and silver.
There is also sending encrypted messages to other members. Use trade board and more.