Our take on gold

Disclaimer first: we are not financial advisors, market analysts, commodities brokers or anything in that respect. We are just average people, investors like YOU using publicly available information and using our own brains to digest info, reject garbage and get the right conclusions out of it. We suggest that you do absolutely the same process to get educated conclusions.


Canada - May 24.2017.

If anything we have learned that analysts cannot predict any movements properly, or give predictions and warnings to themselves, let alone to general public. 

Who are those people? Where are they? Banks for starters. Government next. They are in institutions where they get huge dollars to do exactly that, analyze markets and help create wise business decisions to protect the institutions they work for and the unsuspecting public. So far they have failed utterly. On every level and every occasion. In 2008 when many of the banks or all of them were on the brink of collapse the American people bailed them out....CLICK FOR MORE

Canada - May 29.2017.

How much is paper money really worth?

National money is worth what the Government tells us and we accept it unquestionably. 1 Dollar is still worth something. A pack of bubble gum, daily newspaper or perhaps a small bottle of overpriced water. Don't forget about the inflation that slowly or perhaps quickly erodes the buying power of money. If bread cost was 99 cents at the beginning of the year and $1.09 at the end that is a true inflation of 10%. ...CLICK FOR MORE

USA - June 11.2017.


www.moneyandmarkets.com is run by the reputable Weiss Research Inc. financial advisors from USA. We often read their material to get expert insight into financial markets and movements. Here is one of the recent forum posts by an anonymous subscriber:

“As the Congress/Senate continues to operate the largest criminal racketeering syndicate in history, they will stop at nothing to take down President Trump. He has more honesty and patriotism in his little finger than all of them combined. The establishment would not hesitate to sell ... CLICK FOR MORE


USA - June 13.2017

Dollars - getting to know them!

US dollars exist for more than 100 years. This is well documented on the internet. Here is a short timeline of the U.S. Monetary History:
After the Panic of 1907, the National Monetary Commission is established to propose legislation to regulate banking.
U.S. Money Supply: $7 billion
What $1 Could Buy: A pair of patent leather shoes. ...CLICK FOR MORE

Canada - June 19.2017.

It's about money - properties

Again mighty Internet provides every answer. While a deeper look at money did raise many questions, there are at least some foundational truths that can be discerned about money. For example, many economists and experts in the field agree that money must be a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value ...CLICK FOR MORE

Canada - July 4.2017.

What could possibly go wrong?

Summer months are traditionally season to buy gold. Why? Price drops in those months and that makes great buying opportunity. ...CLICK FOR MORE

World - August 5.2017.

Mixed bag - good news - bad news

Let's start with a good news for change. Gold is at $1258.00 and silver at $16.25. Those are good news for metals buyers. Analysts say that it is pretty much bottom and there is only upside from here. We tend to believe them since overall feeling is that big buyers managed to cover all or almost all shorts against gold and silver. That means institutional buyers believe that metals will go up now. Suppressing prices goes far only so much. ...CLICK FOR MORE

USA - August 9.2017.


Internet sources quote:

"The Dodd-Frank sub-regulation is called the "Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systematically Important Banks in Resolution" (approved on November 16.2014.). Basically, it allows distressed banks to confiscate customer's deposits and convert them to equity capital (shares) to prevent bank from failing. In other words, it's a forced bail out."

That means if bank is danger of failing they will lock people's accounts and dip into savings as they see fit. Person with savings becomes unwilling participant.  There is more:

"The "shares" may eventually be worth something or not. But that's not really the point. The disconcerning part is that depositor's hard earned cash can be taken away if the bank makes too many bad derivative bets or engages in folly. Whereas most people believe their deposits are exclusively theirs, Dodd-Frank suggests otherwise. Deposits are treated as bank property; unsecured obligations the bank owes back to their customers at later date - maybe never".

So this is clear as it gets. How NOT to lose your savings? Buy precious metals. Keep them away from greedy banks and Government.

World - August 17.2017.


Yesterday terrorists killed at least 13 people in Barcelona by simply driving through the crowds. Weapon of choice was full size cargo van. Horrible!

Today all stock markets opened lower and finished day with losses. The only thing that went up was silver and gold. Silver broke through $17 and gold through $1300 ceilings. What we keep trumpeting all along stands true: any crisis and every crises in broad terms cause investors to retreat to sure investments. Gold and silver.

Everybody is witness that world is bursting with all kinds of crises. Quest for gold will just become stronger and price will inevitably go up. Buy gold now!

World - August 30.2017.

"I told you so!" proved to be true yet again! Check our blog post from Aug. 08. - gold at $1258.00. Today, only 3 weeks after it is about $1313.00 and yesterday it reached $1325.00!

That is a 67 dollars per ounce advance! Huge! It may calm down closer to $1300.00 support but it is expected to go up. Don't get caught in waiting game. Same for silver.

World - September 04.2017.

Dear SmartGold Club Members we have first important message and it is very simple one:

BUY GOLD NOW! You will thank us later!

At the moment of this writing price of gold is $1340.00 and silver is at $17.90. In last few weeks gold went up from $1250 levels to $1340. That is a huge increase. Amids world geopolitical crisis it is hard to imagine that precious metals will drop in price ... ever again.

Our recommendation is simple, buy now while there is gold offered. Later it may be too late. Not only price will skyrocket but there won't be any metal to buy in the first place! Get your Home Kit if you already don't have one, order gold and silver on our order page.

USA - October 11.2017.

PREDICTION: after watching videos and listening industry insiders we feel quite mad! We strongly believe that thousands of investors will get screwed royally over their "gold" and "silver" investments. Metals are in parenthesis to emphasize the fact of people buying gold and silver contracts that gives them "right" to gold instead of physical metal!

Difference is huge. One day great silver and gold manipulating banks and institutions will reveal that they don't have physical metals to deliver but paper only. At that time both metals will go up like elevator.

DON"T BUY METALS ON PAPER, BUY PHYSICAL METAL ONLY! We will help you achieve your goals with SmartGold Club. Sell your paper gold and buy physical instead. 

Canada - December 13.2017.

Last minute to buy gold and silver! Price of gold dropped to about $1240.00, silver to about $15.70. What that means? It means that stocks (Dow Jones, S&P500, Nasdaq) went to highest levels ever and that attracts investors to spend money there instead of investing into something else. As recently real estate it seems that new highs will never stop. But every ride like that comes to stop.

Gold and silver bars scream buying opportunity. It is predicted that low prices will stay until beginning on January 2018. After that it will be a wild ride up and gold and silver at present levels will not are going to be seen again ... ever. So buy now, while there is a supply at low cost. 

World - January 16.2018.

Bitcoin and all other cryptos in trouble! As predicted on our intro page suddenly Bitcoin is losing grounds. At time of this writing 1 BTC = $11636.00 while gold went up to $1339.00. All cryptos lost about 20% overnight and near future doesn't look good.

It does not surprise us one single bit. Perceived value of Bitcoin is based on nothing so losing it is normal course of action. same with other 1400+ crypto currencies. USA and other countries put a squeeze on Bitcoin. Central banks do not competition, simple as that. Good features of Bitcoin are mute point if one is unable to use BTC.