Gold and Silver Purchase

Gold & Silver Payment

Gold and silver methods of payment

There are many ways a customer can fund his gold and silver purchases:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal verified
  • Personal or business check
  • Bank draft
  • Interac or EFT money transfer
  • Bank wire
  • Bitcoins

Payment lead times

Typical lead time needed for money to settle in account

Please review this chart and select desired method of payment accordingly:








 No limit*

See paragraph below

 No  same day    1 day
 PayPal - verified  $10000  3.5%  same day    1-2 days
 Bitcoin  $10000 1.5%  1-2 days    2-3 days
 Credit card  $1000


 185 days    185 days
 Personal check CAD  $10000  No  up to 14 days    up to 16 days
 Personal check US  $10000  No  up to 30 days    up to 32 days
 Interac Canada   $50000  No  same day    1-2 days
 EFT transfer Canada  $10000  No  same day    1-2 days
 ACH transfer USA  $10000  No  same day   1-2 days
 Bank draft check  $100000  No  5-10 days     7-12 days
 Bank wire transfer No limit No  2 days    1-2 days

Payment clearance

Common for all methods is that the gold and silver purchase price is locked at the moment when the order is made, within SCCS business hours (8:30 - 16:30 Mon. - Fri., EST). However transfer is considered completed only after payment received is settled in SCCS account.

Payment sent by wire or any other way may not be the same as what we receive in our account! Please be aware of the fact that payment en route may attract fees by corresponding banks so $10000 sent may end up being $9975.00. SmartGold Club shall use net total amount arrived and notify you about it.

Why surcharges? Comes from simple fact that for certain payment instruments processor takes away portion of the payment so we get less than face value of the purchase. To minimize or avoid any losses like that use direct to bank payment methods.

Payment by credit card

Credit card payments are welcomed. Purchases shall be posted into the SmartGold Club cards within 24 hours. However holdings shall not be available for any transactions for next 185 days! Reason is credit cards charge-back and fraud protection. For quicker holdings availability different payment methods should be used.

This shouldn't stop true gold hoarder who wants to add more metal to holdings at regular or random bases. If a long term goals are set this is not an obstacle to invest using a credit card.

Payment by cash

Payment by cash at our location is possible. Any amount is acceptable. If large cash amount is announced we may accept it right in the branch of local Scotia Bank.

CAUTION: FINTRAC Canada requires reporting on every CASH transaction for $10000 or more involved, or multiple smaller transactions by same person paid in cash and amounting to more than $10000 in period of 24 hours. See details and requirements we have to adhere to HERE 


There is no tax on 99.99 pure gold or 99.99/99.9 silver.

Canadian buyers pay tax on cards, home kits and shipping only. Not on actual gold or silver. Foreign buyers do not pay any tax.