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SmartGold Club - Buy Gold and Silver easy!

If you are reading this it means you are already a gold investor or you want to become one. There is a Why buying gold page?  explaining the many reasons why it is beneficial to have gold as an investment. The purpose of this page is to explain HOW WE MAKE IT EASY to buy and hold gold. We say gold all the time but everything is the same for silver as well.

The SmartGold Club is the very best way for a small gold investor to build up wealth. SmartGold Club removes many problems and hurdles on the path to personal or company gold reserves.


First of all let's be clear: we are talking about physical gold, not gold papers like certificates, stocks or ETFs. There are a few ways to buy physical gold metal:

  • Walk into a gold dealer’s location, pay and go home with your very own piece of gold.
  • Use the power of the Internet, order on-line and get gold delivered to your door.

Even though the above sounds straightforward one should expect some problems:

  • Sellers may not accept credit cards, checks, PayPal, Bitcoins, Western Union or Moneygram. Only cash or bank wire works
  • Buying small quantities is a problem. Bringing in 50 dollars gets you nothing
  • Gram or several grams may cost too much compared to advertised prices
  • It is impossible to buy fractional sizes
  • It is complicated to buy using regular investments, let’s say 75 dollars every month.
  • Extra costs, like courier delivery may cost too much and whole plan to buy regularly small amounts of gold quickly becomes cost prohibitive  
  • Package may get lost or delivered to wrong person or could be even signed by recipient’s name and original recipient never received it


After all gold pieces are finally at home where the gold investor can admire its appearance. It is a beautiful and self assuring sight. However after 10 minutes of enjoyment one has to ask himself: “What now, where do I safely store this?”

After a “safe” place (like a bathroom drawer, old socks, medicine cabinet, dog house …) is found the investor can be at peace, right? Not exactly. Actually he never is. Ask someone you know that has gold at home and he will confirm this.

This works for a few grams of gold but our ideal investor will never stop. Next month it is the same story again. Same expenses and problems again. No long term wealth is built on only few grams of any precious metal so one will want to continue buying. Every dollar used to buy gold helps, every dollar spent on delivery, payments, fees are step back.


A smart investor has to take every reasonable step to protect his investment. Realistically this means protecting gold from thieves, radical political turmoil, wars and unrest. Even from our own Government. In harsh times the Government may go to desperate measures. A rotten Government may go after people’s gold. Yes, a broke Government is a dangerous Government. That is exactly the reason why investors are buying gold in the first place. That is if bank itself didn't "clean out" depositor's savings before.  Don't believe it? It has happened in past, it is happening now and it will happen again. See our other page HERE. They WILL take your gold forcefully regardless if it is at home or in the bank deposit box.

This problem cannot be emphasized enough. The average person simply does not have clever and secure enough ways to protect his investments in gold. Safes, boxes in the basement, a can in the attic, package under the tree in the backyard is supposed to bring a piece of mind? This will only lead to sleepless nights and possible loss of gold holdings. Don't forget extortion. In extreme situations if criminals know about presence of gold they could resort to extreme violence until they walk away with what there were looking for. 


We created a service which takes out most or all troubles that prevents personal investments in gold. We are taking care of everything in the investor’s name and let the customer slowly or quickly build up their gold holdings. This is done in a secure, controlled manner where the member is in the driver's seat making moves when he is comfortable. SCCS does not own your gold but act as your agent and bailee with respect to the custody of your gold.

First and foremost: we buy physical gold and store it the safest places on Earth. Yes, your gold will enjoy being in paradise – Cayman Islands. At customer's free choice we also buy Canadian Bank gold/silver certificates. They represent physical bars that can be retrieved at will.

In future as we are aiming to serve international buyers SCCS may introduce secure precious metals storages in some other locations.

How do we do it? Using SmartGold Membership cards! They are encrypted smart chip cards loaded with information about YOUR GOLD and SILVER holdings. Every member gets a card and all transactions get securely recorded in the chip. That card is in YOUR pocket and represents your passport to wealth!


Did you ever hear about the concept of fractional ownership of yachts or airplanes? Those are fun and extremely expensive objects. In simple terms 10 investor’s buy 1/10th of the multi-million dollar yacht each. 3 Million dollar boat is out of reach for single person but buying chunks of 10% of it is something different. They share it and if yacht is rented out everybody gets a cut. However, no yacht fractional share owner can walk away with his 10% of yacht. Cutting a yacht into pieces is not an option. Share owner must find and sell his chunk to somebody else if he wants to get out of it. Maybe this is not the perfect example but you get the point!

SmartGold is something similar but much more flexible and better. Members can actually walk away with their gold at any time. Also, SmartGold Club has many benefits:

  • With SmartGold Club investor is always buying the real thing; 99.99% fine gold and 99.99/99.9 fine silver! 
  • The gold is stored in a safe place. We take care of everything
  • Storage is fully insured
  • Low storage fees. See details HERE
  • It is possible to buy gold in any quantity, even fractional sizes
  • Gold holdings are written securely into SmartGold Club 
  • System assures non repudiation where only card holder can make transaction and can't deny it later
  • Since we may buy more gold price may be lower than buying gram by gram elsewhere. SmartGold card holder gets gold on sale whenever possible
  • SmartGold Club  buys only the best brand name gold in the world. Canadian Royal Mint, Republic Metals, Pamp Suisse, Perth Mint, Degussa 
  • 50 dollars or any other amount of investment buys you the maximum amount of gold possible! See fees and calculations
  • Strapped for cash? It is possible to easily sell some of the holdings at current market price, minus fees
  • Actual gold is allocated and segregated in the vault and accounted for under Investor’s name.
  • It is possible to get some or all holdings delivered to any location in the world. Storage company uses Fedex, UPS or Brinks for delivery
  • It is possible to trade gold on our trading board (coming soon). Sell or buy gold from other members! It is easy and secure
  • You can see and inspect your gold on storage site with 24 – 48 hour announcement
  • Cards are in investor’s pockets. NO personal and confidential info is exposed on websites ever 
  • No transactions and activities are reachable and exposed on the WEB server. That is a completely separate procedure out of reach to hackers or any people with bad intentions

WHY the SmartGold CLUB CARD?

First important fact about chip cards is that the chip is the most secure place on Earth to store confidential information into. That is where all the magic happens. Strong encryption keeps secret information from prying eyes. Smart chip is loaded with our SmartGold software. This is a recipe for success!

You start a gold account by buying a card. Card comes blank with zero balance or pre-loaded with certain amount of gold! Membership card is passport to:

  • Buy gold, get it stored it in a vault
  • Sell gold from the vault
  • Trade gold on SmartGold Club trading board with other members
  • Retrieve physical gold from storage place; Canadian Banks or SWP - Cayman Islands or other places

Every transaction is recorded in the card’s register. Transaction details can be viewed but not edited. Every transaction is irreversible. If error was made other entry has to be entered to correct it. 

Card is protected by several layers of security:

  • 6 digit PIN (banks use 4 digits)
  • Biometric token – fingerprint built into every card
  • Picture stored in the card
  • Personal data stored in the card
  • Military/banking grade encryption
  • Card could be inconspicuously printed as a low value card. Stored in plain sight


It is up to the buyer whether to personalize or not. Only a PIN is mandatory, other fields of data are optional. Remember, nobody can see content of the card unless rightful owner unlocks it using PIN or fingerprint. So have fun with it.

  • If investor decides to hold completely anonymous account card is perfect for that. PIN and fingerprint promote security and safe operations.
  • Disadvantage is if the card is stolen or lost. Replacing it is a longer procedure.
  • Personalized card with address, fingerprint, picture and other details is also very secure to use. Privacy is completely protected.
  • If you are ever close to SCCS you can come over and use a PC kiosk to personalize or manage your SmartGold membership card. 
  • Again, using a SmartGold card it is possible to buy and hold physical gold. It is possible to sell or transact value as small as 0.01 gr. out of total balance. That is a big advantage for every SmartGold CLUB Member.

SmartGold HOME KIT!

Using SmartGold Club Home Kit every card holder will be able to see and check their card and possibly participate in gold trading with other SmartGold Club members. It is an exciting and very useful feature! Members will love it! As the gold market moves members will be able to buy or sell gold from other members at will.

SmartGold Club basic operations:

  • Securely purchase and store gold in vaults, record holdings into the smart card
  • Securely purchase and store gold in vaults using on-line shopping tools, record holdings into the smart card
  • Securely transfer stored gold to desired recipient in direct transaction
  • Securely transfer stored gold to remote recipient using an on-line transaction
  • Securely pay for something using gold stored in SmartGold Club 
  • Send secure messages to SmartGold Club managers or to other members

SmartGold Club is truly an international club open to everyone! No matter where you are you can participate. Order your card, buy some gold and start building YOUR treasure.


  • To store value
  • Wealth preservation
  • Fundamentals
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Potential future upside
  • Inflation hedge



No other gold dealer can offer to you what SCCS can! This is where our expertise in smart card systems comes to play. Unprecedented form factor and security that comes with it is the key. Above everything system is practical to use. Solves every problem for a client who wants to buy and securely hold a gold. With a SmartGold Club card in pocket and the physical gold stored far away from any local or global disturbances an investor has piece of mind and good nights sleep. Every night. Personal or family wealth is built up, preserved and insured for any time of need!