Gold and Silver Fees

Gold & Silver Fees

This is easiest, most secure and most practical way to buy gold and silver.

Electronic Gold Coins are securely recorded into the member’s cards. Physical gold and silver bars are purchased and placed into safe storage. As for fees and costs we will try to be as close to the spot gold price as possible.

At this time system is based on yearly SmartGold Club Card renewal fee. Subscription amount is $19.90 and is charged in metal. First year is FREE and is included with card purchase and registration. Flat member's fee allows members to perform unlimited number or transactions. Besides that flat fee enables one very important feature that will be introduced at opportune moment.



  • Purchase of SmartGold Club Membership Card is necessary to perform any transactions
  • There is no fee to buy metal 
  • There is a monthly subscription fee of $1.66 ($19.90/yr.). It is charged once a year in metal
  • Storage fee for gold is 0.6% per year calculated and charged quarterly in metal
  • Storage fee for silver is 1% per year calculated and charged quarterly in metal     
  • Gold redemption: shipping from SWP location to anywhere in the world: as per courier quotes provided by SWP on case by case basis.
  • Delivery by armored truck for larger deliveries. Quoted by case basis

Withdrawal fees

Member can withdraw physical metal or sell it back to SCCS and get payment sent out. For purely practical reasons minimum amount of  withdrawing physical metal is 10 grams for gold and 100 grams of silver and multiples of the same furthermore. Difference from round amount in metal is paid out in cash. For example member has 344.87 g of gold and wants to withdraw everything in physical metal we will ship out 340 grams in bars and remainder of 4.84 g in cash.

There are fees associated with withdrawals, CAD in Canada, USD everywhere else:

  • Withdrawal of metal at storage location is 0.5% in metal. 24 hour advance notice required
  • EFT or Interac payment within Canada is $5.00
  • ACH payment within USA is $5.00
  • Check mailed to Canada or USA is $5.00
  • Check Fedexed to Canada or USA is $25.00
  • Wire to Canada or USA is $30.00
  • Wire worldwide is $40.00
  • NSF check charge is $25.00