Gold buyers

Who are they?


It goes without saying that a typical gold investor does not believe in fiat (paper) money! He may have concerns that the economy will crumble down, see riots, strikes, and unrest. The Government may then spend money on war, wrong things, or borrowing excessively or printing paper money like there is no tomorrow. It's not that those things don't happen as we speak. Governments simply cannot resist. It is so easy! Still they borrow money at an uncontrollable rate. All "for greater good" but real reason is  to cover up their own mistakes. And we all are unwilling participants.

President Obama in 8 years of his reign doubled the US national debt. At the start it was about 10 Trillion dollars and he left the office with the US owing 20 Trillion dollars. He was the 44th US president and the "funny" fact is: he outspent all previous 43 presidents combined! The is quite "achievement". The citizens of USA are left to pay for this adventure.

So there are a million small and big reasons to protect your wealth and build a secure future. The historical fact is: while all paper money will eventually became worthless gold is forever. One can not go wrong by buying it to preserve wealth! What will YOU do to preserve and build personal wealth? It is time to take things into your own hands. We will help you with this task in order to create and preserve wealth.



  • It is somebody who otherwise doesn’t know how and where to start buying gold
  • Investor who wants to start really small and grow bigger; one gram at a time! 
  • Gold investor who wants somebody else to take care of purchase transactions and other details
  • Somebody who doesn’t want to keep gold at home
  • Who wants the easy way, still completely secure
  • Gold Investor who prefers to store gold in a specially secured location out of reach of anybody who could claim it (read: steal legally or illegally)
  • True gold hoarder
  • Gold investor who for any reason wants gold to be held anonymously, in a no name account, still fully being his property
  • Investor who is a “steady Eddy”, buying small amounts but consistently for years or forever
  • Investor who likes to have all his gold holdings with him at all times

Our perfect buyer is someone who wants to build wealth over a long period of time and will hold it for years or decades. He will not pay attention to sudden market moves up or down. it is a noise that can be ignored in favor of long term wealth management. Actually market dips present buying opportunity. We don't think you will see many of those.

Also, nobody is excluded. Everybody deserves the opportunity to build up and preserve wealth. We welcome purchases from other parts of the world. International buyers may have even more reasons to get SmartGold Club Membership. Our system does not recognize geographical boundaries. It does not discriminate between buyers and works in the same way everywhere and for everyone.



Same kind of transactions pertain to gold and silver as well.


  1. Send payment to SCCS. We take it in many forms
  2. As soon as we receive payment SCCS shall purchase gold in your name. Depending on the mode of payment it may take some time to clear
  3. Storage company shall move purchased amount of gold to the SCCS safe box in Cayman islands
  4. We update your SmartGold Club Membership card remotely using SmartGold Club Software.


  1. Fill out the on-line form to sell 
  2. We sell your gold
  3. Storage company shall move it out of the storage
  4. We send proceedings to your account via check, direct deposit or bank wire 
  5. We update your SmartGold Club Membership card remotely using SmartGold Club Software.



  1. Fill out the sales form
  2. Announce the day when gold will be picked up as well as amount. Allow 24-48 hours for storage to prepare
  3. Present your SmartGold Club Membership Card and positively identify yourself using PIN or fingerprint 
  4. Storage official will perform transaction by deducting desired amount of gold from the card and hand physical bars to the card holder

After that you are at your own. Its worth noting that the Cayman Government does do not impose any restrictions on persons having or transporting gold, in or out of the country. Your gold is your business.