Gold & Silver Storage

Where is my gold?

Let’s start with the facts:

  • No gold transaction is performed on this site. It is a separate process done by human account managers, not a computers. We don’t even show transactions to customers on-line. That securely happens in the membership cards.
  • We do not own customer’s gold, let alone have it on premises. We act as intermediary service and purchase gold for the customer at a storage site.
  • Every gold purchased is written into the SmartGold Club card and at the same time placed in a vault in a secure location.
  • The SmartGold Club  card is in the owner’s pocket, encrypted and locked by PIN and fingerprint.



At buyers free choice gold/silver is purchased and stored in 2 different ways and locations:

  • As gold/silver certificate issued by leading Canadian banks, fully redeemable for physical bars or CAD/USD cash
  • As gold/silver bars purchased and stored at secure, privately owned vault



Buyer who decided to get their bars stored and the Canadian leading banks is making an perfect choice. SmartGold Club shall purchase gold or silver certificate issued by the RBC (Royal Bank of Canada).

Every single bank we contacted says that certificate cannot be issued just by printing a piece of paper or stamping a form. Every bank needs few days until they get physical bar delivered from RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) to their vault. Only then SmartGold Club  gets certificate issued.

What that means for SmartGold Club members? It is a serious proof of ultimate security and responsibility by the corresponding banks! That also means that SmartGold Club can ask for payout in currency (USD/CAD) or get physical bar shipped to our address in Burlington, Ontario. Same bar we would ship by Fedex to any destination wherever member desires. 

Another advantage with this choice is that it is very easy for SmartGold Club to proof ownership of certificates to the members. Certificates could be presented on demand and also validated by walking into any branch of corresponding bank.



We also store precious metals bars in one of the most peaceful, most stable and one of the most most secure countries in the world – the Cayman Islands. If you would like to read more about the Cayman Islands. It is truly heaven on Earth …( http://swpcayman.com/cayman-islands.php and here http://www.keytocayman.com/ and here http://www.cita.ky/ ).

The Cayman people are very smart. They must be doing something right:

  • 100% exempt from corporate tax
  • 100% exempt from capital gains tax
  • 100% exempt from sales tax
  • 100% exempt from income tax
  • 100% exempt from import duties
  • Five year work/residency visas granted for staff within 5 days
  • No H1-b visa issues
  • 3-4 week fast-track set-up of operations
  • Intellectual Property owned offshore
  • Part of an innovative tech cluster with immense cross-marketing opportunities
  • 2 Tier-3 data centers and offshore payment gateway
  • World-Class business & IT Infrastructure
  • There is no restrictions, fees or duties for people bringing in or taking out precious metals.

In the future we will offer the same kind of secure storage in other countries. We are considering: Germany, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.


The storage site is taken care of by Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP). This is a company created for the task of storing precious metals. Read more about it here: http://swpcayman.com/about-swp.php

Every detail is explained on their site. Please watch the videos. SWP is a fully secured and insured facility holding tens of Millions of dollars worth of precious metals. SCCS managed gold is there. Your gold is securely stored there. Member can:

  • Hold gold
  • Hoard it
  • Trade it
  • Cash it
  • See it
  • Get it shipped out
  • Retrieve it in person

SmartGold Club Membership card is required for any of those actions.


Canada has a 5 major banks some of them in existence for more than 100 years. Canadian banks were never involved with risky investments that hurt investors. They are very stable and capitalized. Every account is insured by the Government and there are many watchdog agencies overseeing banking industry. Canada is second biggest country in the world. Rich in natural resources, 2 oceans, oil, diamonds, minerals, gold and silver as well.

We trust Canadian banks and hope other investors will as well.

Cayman Islands. Is there anything not to “trust” about Caymans? Cayman has not done any wrong to anyone’s private assets ever in history. The key to helping people trust Cayman is to tell the benefits over the USA or Canada.

Cayman has ZERO history if confiscation of gold or assets. SWP is a private entity that is not regulated by the financial system. The assets here cannot be seized by the flip of a switch by ANY GOV’t, anywhere, including CAYMAN.  The Cayman has been trusted by the most wealthy people in the world for over 50 years now. Holding bullion in USA or Canada will leave substantial risk.
Let’s look at Zurich, Switzerland, since that is a common comparison. Cayman is tax and tariff free on all gold/silver imports and sales. In order to get that in Swiss or Europe in general, you need to put the gold in a bonded warehouse. Otherwise, it is subject to VAT tax. Why would someone want to take the risk of storing their gold in this little “safe zone” where it is only one step away from being taxed. Next step over there is an export tax.
Loomis is world renown private company in operation for more than 130 years as security storage and transport of precious metals. Loomis has secure vaults around the world. Loomis is a key partner of SWP. Did you know Loomis rents a portion of SWP vault? They have several large clients storing right there in SWP. Do you believe that Loomis would ever store their customer's gold holdings to partner they do not completely trust?? If clients trust Loomis, they should trust SWP. Attached is a testimonial.
You are welcome to store the bullion in one of our partner vaults anywhere in the world. Here is the list:

Toronto / New York / Miami / London / Frankfurt / Zurich / Lichtenstein / Hong Kong / Singapore / Australia


We started research for a possible storage location and took time to estimate the various pros and cons, security risks, storage fees, geographical location, accessibility and country’s political conditions. We rated storages like this:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Cayman Islands
  3. Canada
  4. Singapore
  5. Germany
  6. Hong Kong

Switzerland comes first as top security storage. But we are not sure that investors would want to pay Swiss level fees for the service. You will notice that USA didn't make it to the list all! US Government proved to be untrustworthy to say at least. We wouldn't ever want to risk investor's holdings in such environment. US buyers did you know:

"Whereas most people believe their deposits are exclusively theirs, Dodd-Frank suggests otherwise. Deposits are treated as bank property; unsecured obligations the bank owes back to their customers at later date - maybe never".

In other words law says that banks are allowed to seize money and securities held in their treasures in order to pay in order to bails itself out if needed! Why would bank need to bail itself out in the first place?? Because they are gambling out depositor's money and when all options are exhausted they will take depositor's money. Also, they will open even rented lock boxes and take out cash and precious metals. If you need to see red flag, that is a huge one! In last big financial crisis American people lost money, cars and houses bailing banks. They "re-paid" back by rewarding bank managers with multi Million dollar bonuses. Nobody in right mind will want to trust US banks and test their ultimate loyalty. 

Back to storage in Caymans. At only 1:24 hours away from Miami, 3:52 from Toronto we are very happy with our decision. So go in, get YOUR card and we’ll make sure that YOUR gold pieces live in a secure and very happy place!




Card security details are described HERE.

We do not have any doubts that all on-line gold dealers make their transactions secure. This is the only way it should be! The Inventor of the SmartGold system actually took extra measures to make the system impervious to attacks. While we will not discuss it here at any length let's just say that:

  • Our website sales are set for members to place orders. It is completely disconnected from actual buy/sell transactions
  • While PCs and software can do everything we have employees check and confirm every transaction
  • All employees are company shareholders and will never compromise any aspect of running this business
  • Transactions happen in a secure, disconnected environment
  • After new gold value is added to a SmartGold Membership card no one can take it away without the member's consent