Want to be a Gold dealer?

Everybody is accepted!

SCCS Ltd. created a unique opportunity for business oriented people who like gold and want to get actively involved as re-sellers. This opportunity is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. Almost nobody is excluded based on country, language or general geographical location.
It is a truly international opportunity.



Fastrack to re-selling gold and silver

There are only few steps needed to get set as SmartGold Club dealership:

1. Buy and register SmartGold Club Dealer's starter kit. It consists of smart card reader + fingerprint reader + USB stick with software + SmartGold Dealer's Card

2. Get initial stock of gold and silver and membership / gift cards

3. Start selling!

How it works?

Heart of our unique technology is a smart card which we call SmartGold Club Card. It allows dealer or member to securely store inside balance of gold and silver they possess. With card and software that is supplied with it every member can:

  • Buy gold and silver and store it into the chip
  • Check balance of the metals at any time
  • We have ability to remotely update card so transactions get promptly recorded
  • Member can also trade with other members
  • Member can also cash in a part or whole of his holdings at any time

In addition to that dealer can:

  • Buy gold and silver for his business holdings at low cost
  • Get dealer's card updated remotely with new balance of purchased metals
  • Create and issue new member's cards and instantly transfer gold from his card into buyer's card
  • Cash in part or all of his holdings at any time
  • Sell HomeKits to customers

Basically do all trading transactions 24/7 and earn profits doing so! 

Don't forget!

There are simple and effective rules that make this kind of direct to customer trading easy and cost effective:

  • Dealer pays low price for metals
  • Dealer can charge whatever amount he feels is good to satisfy customers and grow his business. Let's call that cost a street price for gold and silver. Keep in mind that street price for small amounts of gold or silver may be considerably higher than price dealer is paying
  • Dealer gets at his choice cash, credit card, check or any other form of payment from his customers
  • Using dealer's starter kit dealer is able to create unlimited number of SmartGold Club member's cards 
  • Dealer is entitled to current SCCS incentives (if any) to help him grow his business

Typical transaction

SmartGold Club Dealer's software allows dealer to perform easy buy-sell-trade transactions using secure procedures. SmartGold Club Card software is non PC demanding and could be run from any kind of laptop or desktop using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. 2 free USB ports are required for readers:

1. Buyer comes to dealer and wants to buy 2.45 grams of gold and 22.32 grams of silver

2. Dealer calculates price of new card + cost of gold and silver. In this example we will use current pricing but it is totally up to dealer how much he wants to charge

3. $14.50 is for card, $110.25 for gold and $15.17 for silver. Buyer hands money to the dealer

4. Dealer inserts his card into one reader and new card into second reader

5. Creates new account from information customer voluntary provides. Information can be very limited in order to create anonymous account if that is what customer desires

6. As soon as card is created dealer transfers purchased amounts to customer's card

That is pretty much everything. Customer can come back at any time and add more gold and silver to his holdings. If dealers sells him a home kit next transaction could be completely done from comfort of home. Dealer has ability to transfer gold and silver remotely using SmartGold Club Card server capabilities. It has to be noted that for security and practical reasons PC doing transaction must connected to Internet.

Go into Smart Gold business now! Sign up today!

Persons or companies that want to get actively involved in precious metals business with SmartGold Club are encouraged to write to us:

In turn we will send to you dealer's information documents with all details clearly presented.

If you like gold, know a lot of people, know many small business owners this may be opportunity of the lifetime! We strongly believe that each buyer will show his new SmartGold Club Card to at least 3 of his friends and they will want one too!

Is gold dealership possible for existing gold dealers?

Absolutely yes! We don't consider existing dealers as an competition. Actually we welcome every existing brick and mortar jewelry store or dealers of precious metals to contact us and sign up as Buy-Gold-Bar network! 

Buy-Gold-Bar network will open new world of opportunities for all parties. SmartGold Club technology will instantly become available to the dealers. Dealers will be able to make process of buying gold and silver from them:

  • Easier than ever
  • More advanced than ever possible
  • Secure
  • Remote, sell to distant customers
  • Sell cards, HomeKits
  • Open multiple secure storage locations possible
  • Earn part of SmartGold Club subscription automatically
  • Earn part of dealer's customers storage fees automatically

We pay all transactions and earnings to dealers in metal.


Dealer's and buyers privacy and protection!

Both dealers and their customers are protected by virtues of the smart cards. Let's just name the few:

  • Each eGC (grams of Gold) or eSC (grams of silver) written in the card are fully backed up by physical gold and silver securely stored in vaults
  • Each card is encrypted. Found or stolen card is locked up
  • Each card is personalized and protected by 6 digit PIN and optional fingerprint
  • Each card has very unique account number derived from data supplied by the card holder
  • Transactions dealers make are irreversible and after written in customer's card will stay there
  • Dealer's card is created by SCCS and can't be anonymous
  • Customer's card is created by dealer and can be completely anonymous if chosen so
  • Dealer can perform transfer of gold or silver only if he has available balance of metals in his card
  • Only valid and active card will open SmartGold Club Card software!


Gold/silver dealer kit comes complete with readers, cards and software
Dealer's Kit

Dealer's kit consists of:

  • Fingerprint + smart card reader, USB
  • Smart card reader, USB
  • Dealer smart card
  • USB stick with SGC software manager and brochures
  • Member cards (2)
  • Gift cards (2)

Please fill up complete order form. Don't forget to order initial amount of gold and silver from BUY GOLD and BUY SILVER pages.

We ship worldwide!