SmartGold Club how it works

Using SmartGold Club Software every card holder will be able to see and check their gold and silver holdings and possibly participate in gold trading with other SmartGold Club members.

It is an exciting and very useful feature! You will love it!
As the gold market moves members will be able to buy or sell gold from other members at will.

SmartGold Club Software operations:

  • Securely purchase and store gold in vaults, record holdings into the smart card
  • Securely purchase and store gold in vaults using on-line shopping tools, record holdings into the smart card
  • Securely transfer stored gold to desired recipient in direct transaction
  • Securely transfer stored gold to remote recipient using an on-line transaction
  • Securely pay for something using gold stored in SmartGold card
  • Send encrypted messages to SmartGold Club managers or to other members

No gold transaction is performed on this site. It is a separate process done by human account managers, not computers. We don’t even show transactions to customers on-line. That securely happens in membership software and card.
We do not own customer’s gold, let alone have it on premises. We act as intermediary service and purchase gold for the customer at a storage site. Every gold purchased is written into the SmartGold card and at the same time placed in a vault in a secure location.
The SmartGold Club card is in the owner’s pocket, encrypted and locked by PIN and fingerprint.

SmartGold Club is truly an international club open to everyone! No matter where you are you can participate. Order your card, buy gold or silver and start building YOUR treasure.


  • To store value
  • Wealth preservation
  • Fundamentals
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Potential future upside
  • Inflation hedge

Buy Gold via SmartGold Club

No other gold dealer can offer to you what SCCS Ltd. can ! This is where our expertise in smart card systems comes to play.
Unprecedented form factor and security that comes with it is the key. Above everything system is practical to use. Solves every problem for a client who wants to buy and securely hold a gold. With a SmartGold Club  card in pocket and the physical gold stored far away from any local or global disturbances an investor has piece of mind and good nights sleep. Every night. Personal or family wealth is built up, preserved and insured for any time of need!


We store your gold in one of the most peaceful, most stable and one of the most most secure countries in the world – Canada and Cayman Islands.

If you would like to read more about the Cayman Islands. It is truly heaven on Earth …( and here and here

The Cayman people are very smart. They must be doing something right:

  • 100% exempt from corporate tax
  • 100% exempt from capital gains tax
  • 100% exempt from sales tax
  • 100% exempt from income tax
  • 100% exempt from import duties
  • Five year work/residency visas granted for staff within 5 days
  • No H1-b visa issues
  • 3-4 week fast-track set-up of operations
  • Intellectual Property owned offshore
  • Part of an innovative tech cluster with immense cross-marketing opportunities
  • 2 Tier-3 data centers and offshore payment gateway
  • World-Class business & IT Infrastructure

    There is no restrictions, fees or duties for people bringing in or taking out precious metals.
    In the future we will offer the same kind of secure storage in other countries. We are considering: Germany, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • At a choice of buyer gold/silver could also be purchased and stored at the most prominent Canadian bank, Canadian Royal Bank. Metals are purchased in the form of gold/silver certificates fully redeemable for cash or physical metal. 


Gold and silver bars are securely stored in selected Canadian Banks or Cayman Islands. Read more HERE.

The storage site is taken care of by Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP). This is a company created for the task of storing precious metals. Read more about it here:

Every detail is explained on their site. Please watch the videos. SWP is a fully secured and insured facility holding tens of Millions of dollars worth of precious metals. SCCS managed gold is there. Your gold is securely stored there.

Member can:

  • Hold gold
  • Hoard it
  • Trade it
  • Cash it
  • See it
  • Get it shipped out
  • Retrieve it in person

    SmartGold Club Membership card is required for any of those actions!