SmartGold Club Card to store your Gold Coin (eGC)

About SmartGold Club

We SCCS Ltd. were unable to find any system which is NOT supervised or regulated by any industry or government body and with the security features we were looking for, so we decided to create our own system. SmartGold Club has no affiliation with any known credit card platform like Visa, Master, American Express and similar.

SCCS Ltd. is technically and financially independent of any banks, governments or corporations.  The SmartGold Club software was entirely built and financed by SCCS Ltd. who are professional software developers and part of SCCS Ltd. We have no outside investors, programmers and no debt. SCCS Ltd a duly registered company in Canada.


eGC = electronic Gold Certificate


SmartGold Club is an private club providing to its members an platform to facilitate private (anonymous) exchanges of gold & silver for the purpose of investments.

We SCCS Ltd. guarantee that every electronic Gold Certificate in the SmartGold Club system is 100% backed by physical gold bullion, and that every member can redeem his gold at any time. Also, our eGC system and low transfer fees enable our members to send & receive international micro transfers in gold or silver.


What SmartGold Club (electronic Gold Coin) is NOT

electronic Gold Certificate
Electronic Gold Coin (eGC) is NOT a currency nor money.  You may call eGC whatever you want - if it is convenient to you - however SmartGold Club does not:


  • position itself as money, nor any type of currency.
  • SmartGold Club is NOT a bank, and therefore banking regulations do not apply. 
  • SmartGold Club is not accepting any legal tender deposits or investments, and you can not open checking or savings account with us .
  • SmartGold Club does not offer any banking services. We only facilitate gold-denominated private trade and exchange between members and store their gold for them. 
  • SmartGold Club is a closed system, merely recording electronic gold ownership titles.
  • SmartGold Club is not a money transmitter, System only allows transfers of physical gold and silver between members.
  • We cannot accept any deposits in any legal tender, only in physical gold.
  • SmartGold Club is not licensed, supervised or regulated by any industry or government body. If you have faith in politicians and government officials for keeping your gold safe, please click here.
  • SmartGold Club does not endorse any gambling or high-yield investment programs (HYIP).  Gambling is a zero-sum game and contributes nothing to the division of labor; HYIP is outright fraud disguised as gambling.
  • SmartGold Club is not a U.S. Corporation and has no relationship with the U.S. Government, also none of the founders and employees at SmartGold Club are U.S. Citizens.