Gold and Silver buyers privacy protected

Gold and Silver Security

SmartGold Club protects Gold and Silver buyers privacy to the full extend of that meaning plus more.

Card is protected by several layers of security:

  • 6 digit PIN (banks use 4 digits)
  • Biometric token – fingerprint built into every card
  • Personal data stored in the card with Military/banking grade encryption
  • Dedicated server. Information transmitted and stored are encrypted.
  • Card could be inconspicuously printed as a low value card. Stored in plain sight.

It is up to the buyer whether to personalize the card or not. Only a PIN is mandatory, other fields of data are optional. Remember, nobody can see content of the card unless rightful owner unlocks it using PIN or fingerprint.

If Gold and Silver buyers decides to hold completely anonymous account card is perfect for that. PIN and fingerprint promote security and safe operations. Personalized card with name, address, fingerprint, and other details is also very secure to use. Privacy is completely protected.
If you are ever close to SCCS you can come over and use a PC kiosk to personalize or manage your SmartGold Club membership card.  Again, using a SmartGold Club card it is possible to buy and hold physical gold. It is possible to sell or transact value as small as 0.01 gr. out of total balance. That is a big advantage for every SmartGold Club Member.


SmartGold Club - Fingerprint ?

It is important to point out that file stored in the chip card is NOT a picture of your fingerprint, it can NOT be extracted back from the card and can NOT be reverse engineered to create a fingerprint image. It is actually a special mathematical algorithm produced by fingerprint image and software in the fingerprint reader. During process of validation that algorithm is compared with actual finger presented on the reader and it takes all but under one second to prove a positive or negative match.

This biometric feature is used for many years all over the world, it is not intrusive and is widely accepted concept that every person has different fingerprint. It can't be copied or faked unlike PIN or similar type of validation.

Gold and Silver Fraud !

According to many sources more than 90% of all retail sales of gold on eBay and Amazon is fraudulent!

Let's put it in simple words: DON'T BUY GOLD ON-LINE FROM eBAY and AMAZON! You may end up with this:



It is perfectly replicated PAMP Suisse "gold" bar but with Tungsten center. It would test good if surface tests were performed. However ultrasound or drill test would reveal ugly truth; you have being duped! Tungsten has very similar specific weight as a gold and is used more than lead to create fake bars.

What is happening is that Chinese manufacturers got very 'inventive" and pumping out fake gold like above in large numbers. They dump it on unsuspecting buyers mainly on Amazon and eBay. They almost always use packaging emulating factory similar to this one:



You can imagine that inserting serial numbers and tight plastic boxes is no challenge for those crooks. They know that buyer will NOT open those retail boxes and spend lifetime admiring good fakes. Day owner wants to cash in his "gold" will be a terrible one! Search for "fake gold bars" on YouTube. You will be disgusted.

For that reason SCCS buys gold and silver from large precious metals manufacturers ONLY. We do not buy customer's brought-in gold under any circumstances.