Become gold and silver dealer!

Get into precious metals and shape up your financial future 

Gold opportunity

SCCS Ltd. created a unique opportunity for business oriented people who like gold and want to get actively involved as re-sellers. This opportunity is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. Almost nobody is excluded based on country, language or general geographical location.

Fastrack to selling gold ans silver starts now!

SmartGold Club - How it works?

Secure - Simple - Practical - Fast - Efficient

SmartGold Club advantage

SmartGold Club Dealer's software allows dealer to perform easy buy-sell-trade transactions using secure procedures. SmartGold Club Card software is non PC demanding and could be run from any kind of laptop or desktop using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. 2 free USB ports are required for readers.

Dealer's SGC kit

Readers shown on this image come with dealer's kit. Left one is equipped with fingerprint reader + smart card reader. Member's card is inserted there. 
Reader showed on the right is used by dealer. He inserts his dealer card into it. Remember that card contains a stock of gold and silver available for sale to new or existing members.
With simple order entry dealer is able to instantly sell and transfer some of his gold and silver to the buyer. 
3 steps:

  • BUY SMARTGOLD CLUB DEALER'S STARTER KIT - It consists of the: smart card reader + fingerprint reader + USB stick with software + SmartGold Dealer's Card + 2 end user's cards + 2 gift cards.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - Get initial stock of gold and silver so there is something to sell to the members. 
  • START SELLING - no brick and mortar location is needed. Sales can be done from PC or laptop in direct card to card transactions. Also dealer can sell by advertising on his WEB site and sending metals to distance, over the Internet.

SmartGold Club

Wealth building - wealth protecting

Dealer should not have many problems selling SmartGold Club to the interested parties. System comes with a lot of functionality and security in mind. If you think of Bitcoin SGC can do everything what Bitcoin does, faster, better, more secure.The most importantly SmartGold Club is based on real value of physical gold and silver, cryptos are not.

  1. BUY GOLD AND SILVER - store it into the smart chip
  2. PROTECT YOUR GOLD - enroll fingerprint and 6 digit PIN. FBI approved fingerprint templates are used! 6 digit PINs and used. Your bank card uses only 4 digit PIN
  3. CHECK BALANCE - there are two digital wallets, gold and silver. Check balance at any time using HomeKit and supplied software
  4. MANAGE YOUR HOLDINGS - at home using low cost HomeKit and supplied software
  5. REMOTELY UPDATE - a card so transactions get promptly recorded. Buy more gold and silver or sell back when you need some cash using HomeKit and software
  6. ASK FOR GOLD BARS - if that is your thing is to get physical bars instead of cashing out that is what you will get. A bar or bars delivered to your home on demand 
  7. TRADE - with other members at any time, buy more or sell some of your holdings
  8. CASH OUT - sell back some or all of your holdings at any time
  9. IN ADDITION TO ALL THAT - dealer can do more ...
  1. Buy gold and silver at the lowest cost
  2. Instantly replenish selling holdings via remote card update
  3. Create new member's cards and instantly transfer gold from his card into the buyer's card
  4. Cash out part or all of his holdings at any time
  5. Enroll fingerprints and PINs for the customers
  6. Present certificate of the storage insurance, Bureau Veritas reports, monthly statements to any member on demand
  7. Decide price of the metals, no strings attached, it is your show